What You Should Know: Runaway Truck Ramps

Photo of the entry to a runaway ramp off of a highway.

It's a frightening thought, but it happens–truck drivers experience brake failure while traveling along the highway and have no way to safely stop their vehicles before they reach an accident-prone area like a steep hill or sharp turn.

That is why runaway truck ramps exist—to provide drivers with a place to stop their trucks to prevent more serious accidents. Let's take a closer look at what runaway truck ramps are and how they work.

What Are Runaway Truck Ramps?

Runaway truck ramps are just what they sound like—ramps that are specifically designed for runaway trucks. These ramps are usually built at the bottom of steep hills or near sharp turns on highways, in areas where an out-of-control truck would likely cause serious accidents if it were not able to be stopped. The ramps consist of long, gradual slopes that allow the truck enough time and space to slow down safely without harming other vehicles or people nearby.

Who Can Use A Runaway Truck Ramp?

In most cases, any large vehicle (not just trucks) experiencing brake failure can utilize a runaway truck ramp to safely decelerate and stop without causing an accident. However, there may be certain restrictions depending on the specific location and size of the vehicle. For example, some runaway truck ramps may only be accessible by vehicles over a certain weight or length limit to ensure that only those experiencing true brake failure use them.

How Do Drivers Use Runaway Truck Ramps?

When approaching one of these ramps, drivers should attempt to apply their brakes as much as possible to slow down their vehicle before entering the ramp itself. This will help reduce any potential damage caused by hitting objects at too high of a speed when entering the ramp. Once on the ramp, drivers should keep their feet off the accelerator and brakes for gravity and friction alone to slowly bring them to a safe stop.

Louisiana Big Truck Accident Attorney

Runaway truck ramps are an important safety feature for highways across America, providing drivers who have experienced brake failure somewhere safe enough to bring their vehicles back under control without risking further harm coming to anyone else. While these ramps may not always be available everywhere you drive, knowing about them is still important so you can recognize them when you encounter one and know exactly how best to navigate it if necessary to remain safe.

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