What Causes A Truck To Jackknife?

White semi truck jackknifed on the side of the road.

A jackknife crash occurs when the trailer of a semi-trailer truck abruptly swings out to one side due to incorrect braking or excessive speed on turns. This is caused by trucks having different weight distribution than cars; they have more weight concentrated at the back end and less toward the front. As a result, when brakes are applied too quickly or harshly onto a moving trailer, its momentum can cause it to swing outwards into an accordion shape. This happens because the weight shifts from the rear axle to the front axle suddenly and without warning.

How is a Jackknife Crash Different From Trailer Sway?

While both jackknife crashes and trailer sway can be dangerous for other drivers on the road, there is an important difference between them. Trailer sway is caused by wind gusts or uneven pavement, which causes the entire vehicle (including both tractor and trailer) to move from side to side. On the other hand, jackknife crashes occur when only part of the vehicle (the trailer) swings outwards into an accordion shape due to incorrect braking or excessive speed on turns.

What Should I Do If I See A Truck Jackknifing In Front Of Me?

If you see a truck jackknifing in front of you, you must remain calm and take evasive action immediately. Move your car away from any debris created by the collision and slow down gradually while keeping an eye out for any further danger ahead. Do not attempt to pass or overtake any vehicles involved in a jackknifed crash, as it could put you at risk of being hit by flying debris or another vehicle colliding with yours due to a lack of visibility on their part.

Louisiana Truck Accident Attorneys

Jackknife crashes can be incredibly dangerous for everyone involved and should be avoided at all costs. However, if you find yourself faced with one, it pays off to keep your cool and take evasive action immediately to minimize potential injury or damage. Drivers should pay close attention while driving around big rigs so that they can recognize signs of trouble before it’s too late—such as sudden braking or excessive speed—and so that they can take necessary precautions if ever faced with a jackknifed truck situation ahead of them on their travels. That being said, things can still go wrong even when you do everything right.

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