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Sustaining any sort of spinal injury will inevitably transform your day-to-day life. You may no loner be able to do the work you used to be able to do, dramatically reducing your earning capacity. You may also experience frequent pain and be unable to enjoy life to the full extent you once did.

When a spinal injury was caused by another person’s negligence, you deserve justice. At Chris Corzo Injury Attorneys, our strong Christian values and many years of experience have allowed us to recover billions of dollars for thousands of clients. Our Baton Rouge spinal injury lawyers deeply care about your case and will fight to put you back on top, no matter the circumstances. We will work to maximize the money we put in your pocket, and you owe us nothing unless we win.

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What Causes Spinal Injuries?

Spinal injuries tend to result from unexpected and dramatic blows to the spine. They can also be caused by a foreign object penetrating and cutting the spinal cord. 

Accidents that frequently cause spinal cord injuries include:

  • Vehicular accidents. Colliding with another car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian can produce powerful forces that damage the spine. In especially severe accidents, an automobile component could also enter the body and strike the spine. 
  • Slip and falls. An unfortunate slip and fall in which the victim’s back or neck lands against a sharp edge, corner, or object could lead to a spinal injury.
  • Defective products. A defective product, including a dangerous drug, could trigger a spinal injury under the wrong circumstances. 

What Are the Consequences of Spinal Injuries?

Your spine allows your brain to communicate with other parts of the body, so when this facilitator is disrupted, you will not be able to function properly. Even a relatively minor spinal injury will come with significant adverse health impacts, which will make it tougher to live your life. 

A person who sustains a spinal injury in an accident may experience one or more consequences, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Deep vein thrombosis 
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low heart rate
  • Muscle spasms
  • Partial or complete paralysis
  • Pressure ulcers

The Long-Term Effects of Spinal Injuries

Many symptoms of spinal injuries are significant and immediate, but they can worsen over time. Other life-altering medical complications can also arise as a victim grows older.

Examples of long-term effects spinal injury victims frequently face include:

  • Complete or partial loss of motor functions in one or more areas of the body
  • Partial or complete loss of bladder and bowel functions
  • Osteoporosis, a weakening of the bones
  • Uncontrollable and unpredictable muscle spasms
  • Syringomyelia, which involves a cyst or cavity forming in the spinal cord
  • More frequent infections, including pneumonia
  • Depression and other mental health consequences

Recovering Damages in a Louisiana Spinal Injury Lawsuit

You should never have to worry about covering spinal injury-related expenses if the accident that caused your condition was not your fault. You can hold a negligent party accountable for their conduct and recover the compensation you need to move forward through a personal injury lawsuit. You should get legal advice as soon as possible after sustaining your spinal injury, however, as you only have one year from the date of the accident to bring a claim. 

Some spinal injuries are sustained in the workplace. In these instances, you cannot typically sue your employer, but other remedies are available. You can file a workers’ compensation claim and secure compensation for disability, lost wages, and medical bills. 

Our Baton Rouge spinal injury attorneys will fight to recover compensation for all monetary and non-monetary losses, including:

  • Past, current, and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

How a Spinal Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you are dealing with the day-to-day impacts of a spinal injury, you may not necessarily have the ability or bandwidth to think about or take legal action. You deserve to recover compensation that takes care of your medical bills and provides financial relief for less calculable forms of harm, including your inability to enjoy your life the way you once did. 

A legal professional can accurately estimate what your claim is worth and how much you should seek in damages. An attorney can also guide you through each step of the legal process and handle the bulk of the legal legwork so that you can focus on your recovery. 

The top priority of our Baton Rouge spinal injury lawyers is getting you the money you are entitled to as quickly as possible. This means we will most likely try to avoid a drawn-out trial by negotiating a settlement that covers your losses. Not all cases can be settled without going to court, but our team at Chris Corzo Injury Attorneys is well-equipped to represent you should your case go to trial. 

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