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Motorcycles are an exciting and often convenient alternative to traditional cars. Unfortunately, motorcyclists are inherently more vulnerable to catastrophic, life-altering injuries when involved in an accident. Furthermore, some motorists do not show motorcyclists the same respect or attention given to other drivers, making the possibility of collisions more likely. 

When you suffer injuries while riding a motorcycle, you deserve a capable legal advocate who will fight to recover the compensation you are entitled to under the law. Our team at Chris Corzo Injury Attorneys is driven by our strong Christian values and an unwavering dedication to our clients. We have obtained billions of dollars across thousands of cases, and we understand how these claims are decided and resolved in Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyers care about your well-being and will leverage the full extent of our skills and resources to put as much money in your pocket as possible. 

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Louisiana

All motorists, regardless of the type of vehicle they drive, have a duty of care to everyone else on the road. A frustrating number of drivers fail to exercise good judgment when they get behind the wheel, however, and a motorcyclist often pays the highest price when a driver’s bad decisions lead to a crash. 

Many motorcycle accidents are the result of:

  • Excessive speeding. If a motorist is behaving recklessly, they may drive well over the legal speed limit. This gives them less time to respond to other vehicles on the road, including motorcycles.
  • Changing lanes without signaling or checking blind spots. Many motorcycle accidents happen when a driver of a larger vehicle attempts to merge or change lanes but fails to notice a motorcycle traveling beside or just behind them. 
  • Sudden stops. A motorcyclist may not have enough time to respond when a vehicle ahead of them abruptly stops, leading to a rear-on collision that can send the motorcyclist flying. 
  • Making left turns without checking for oncoming traffic. As a car attempts to make a left turn at an intersection, the driver may misjudge an approaching motorcyclist’s speed or fail to notice them entirely, leading to a potentially deadly collision. 
  • Failing to stop at stop signs or traffic lights. A motorcyclist who is honoring all traffic rules may suffer serious injuries if another car fails to stop when directed by a sign or traffic signal.
  • Open car doors. On narrow streets where motorcyclists are traveling parallel to a row of parked cars, a single open door can send them hurtling forward. 
  • Distracted driving. Texting while driving or doing anything that takes a driver’s attention away from the road can lead to a major wreck. 
  • Intoxicated driving. A driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs is much more likely to fail to notice or adequately respond to a motorcyclist as they navigate the roadways. 

Motorcyclists can reduce the possibility of a crash by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, following all traffic rules, traveling at appropriate speeds, signaling when turning or changing lanes, and keeping an eye on parallel parked cars. Our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to assist with claims involving all types of collisions, no matter the complexity of the circumstances. If you are not sure whether you have a strong claim, we are happy to evaluate your case and walk you through your legal options. 

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Motorcyclists do not have the physical protections offered by an enclosed, motor vehicle. Consequently, they often experience catastrophic and even deadly injuries when a collision occurs. 

Motorcycle accident victims can potentially sustain many types of injuries, including:

Understanding Louisiana’s Motorcycle Laws

Louisiana law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets that should include the following features when operating their vehicles:

  • A chin strap
  • A visor for eye protection
  • Padding
  • Interior lining

Children are never allowed to ride motorcycles, even in a passenger seat. If another passenger does ride with the motorcyclist, they must have a dedicated seat with accompanying footrests.

The practice of “lane splitting” – or traveling between lanes, particularly when other traffic has slowed to a crawl – is prohibited in Louisiana. Motorcyclists must generally behave like other motorists, meaning they are entitled to full use of roadways but are also beholden to its rules. 

Determining Liability and Recovering Damages in a Louisiana Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

A driver of any vehicle is liable for the injuries they cause if their negligence results in a motorcycle accident. You likely have a case if the driver was excessively speeding, texting while driving, or failing to follow another traffic rule at the time of the accident. Keep in mind that you could be considered partially liable for your injuries if you were not wearing your helmet, were lane splitting, or violating some other traffic law, even if the other driver is primarily responsible. 

You will need to act promptly if you wish to pursue a motorcycle accident lawsuit. In Louisiana, you only have one year from the date of the accident to start the legal process. After this deadline, you cannot typically recover any damages. If someone dies in a motorcycle accident, qualifying family members have one year from the date of the victim’s passing to file a wrongful death lawsuit

Our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident lawyers will work to recover compensation for all applicable losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

How a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

You should not have to seek compensation alone. An attorney familiar with Louisiana’s personal injury process can investigate your accident, determine liability, build a strong case, handle the legal legwork, and ultimately work to maximize what you recover. 

With the help of a skilled lawyer, your motorcycle accident claim may not ultimately need to go to court. In some instances, we may be able to negotiate a monetary settlement that sufficiently covers your losses, allowing a swifter resolution of the case and giving you the opportunity to move forward faster. Should a trial become unavoidable, however, our team at Chris Corzo Injury Attorneys is ready to aggressively advocate for you in and out of the courtroom. 

Do not assume that you cannot seek compensation if you were not wearing a helmet or were lane splitting at the time of the accident. If the other driver’s negligent conduct caused the accident, one of our attorneys may still be able to help you obtain some compensation. The court will assign you a percentage of fault and commensurately reduce your damage award based on your share of the blame. For example, the court may decide you are 25% responsible for your injuries because you were not wearing a helmet at the time of a collision, worsening your resulting injuries. A $100,000 award would be reduced by 25%, so you would only receive $75,000. We can help you understand how shared fault can impact what you recover.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Accidents in Louisiana

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Louisiana?

No. Motorcyclists may not pass cars by passing them between two lanes or attempting to navigate around them in a single lane. They must signal and changes lanes like any other car. A motorcyclist who gets into an accident while lane splitting may have a more difficult time recovering compensation and could be found partially liable for their injuries.

How Much Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

Fortunately, our Baton Rouge motorcycle accident attorneys handle most of these cases on a contingency basis. This means that you will pay nothing upfront and will not owe us a time unless we win. If we do prevail (and we have a track record of doing so), we will be compensated with a portion of your recovery. There is no risk in discussing your circumstances with our team and learning more about how we will approach your claim.

Are Motorcyclists Required to Wear Helmets in Louisiana?

Yes. Helmets that meet certain safety standards are mandatory whenever a motorcyclist is operating their vehicle. Passengers on a motorcycle must also wear helmets. It may be tougher to win a personal injury case if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of an accident, especially if the majority of your injuries stem from traumatic brain injuries that could have arguably been prevented by proper headgear. 

If you have sustained severe injuries in a motorcycle accident, we will fight to put you back on top. Call (225) 230-3110 or contact us online today.

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