Do Truck Accidents Increase During Harvest Season?

Bird's-eye-view of a white semi truck on a highway through a forest showing fall colors.

Harvest season is a busy time for farmers, truckers, and everyone who grows and transports crops. However, it's also a dangerous time for drivers on the roads. With more heavy-duty vehicles sharing the highways and byways, truck accidents inevitably increase during harvest season. Let’s dive into the factors that contribute to truck accidents during harvest season and what safety measures can be taken to prevent them.

Why Truck Accidents Increase During Harvest Seasons

Increased Traffic Volume

Trucks hauling crops, equipment, and supplies often have to travel farther and more frequently during harvest season. This volume of traffic adds to the consistent flow of regular transportation on these already busy roads. With more vehicles comes a higher risk of accidents. Additionally, more rural roads may not be as safe or well-maintained as major highways, adding to the hazards.

Driver Fatigue

Farmers, truckers, and others in the agriculture industry often work extensive hours during harvest season. Unfortunately, with longer hours come increased opportunities for fatigue. This can cause drivers to become drowsy, lose focus, or make mistakes, leading to accidents and collisions. Fatigue is a leading cause of truck accidents during this time of year.

Maintenance Issues

The added demand during harvest season can put more strain on trucks, leading to maintenance issues. The need to get crops out of the ground before bad weather hits means that truck drivers may ignore warning signs that their vehicles need repairs. This puts everyone on the road at risk. Trucks that have not been properly inspected or maintained are much more likely to experience equipment failure and other accidents.

Longer Travel Distances

Another factor that contributes to truck accidents during harvest season is the longer travel distances required. Farmers often have to transport their crops from rural areas to cities, sometimes across state lines. This extended travel time can cause many drivers to feel rushed and lose focus, potentially leading them into dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, texting, or driving under the influence of medications or stimulants.

Signs to Watch for on the Road

Knowing the common signs of a truck driver losing control of their vehicle can prevent potentially life-threatening accidents on the road. As mentioned, driver-related issues, mechanical issues, and other factors can cause truck drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Here’s what you should keep an eye out for:

  • Trucks that are swaying or drifting out of their lane.
  • Trucks that are speeding, especially in inclement weather or unsafe road conditions.
  • Truck drivers that are braking erratically without cause.
  • Trucks that are tailgating other vehicles.

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