Marathon Fire Incident

Marathon Fire Incident - Important Update

To our valued members of the St. John community,

It has come to our attention that many of you have reached out to us following referrals from community leaders, indicative of our longstanding reputation in representing victims of accidents, notably car and truck accidents, and as community supporters. We are deeply honored by this trust and the fact that community leaders, as well as individuals, have put their faith in us.

A pressing concern among many is the potential health effects from the fire's fumes and smoke. We recognize that several of you have reported symptoms such as respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea, drowsiness, eye and skin irritations, dizziness, among other health conditions. Many of you have also sought medical care.

In light of this, we have questions regarding Marathon Petroleum's statement on air quality following the fire. They have reported "non-detectable air quality impacts" that supposedly do not pose chronic, long-term health risks. However, we have some level of doubt and believe these statements must be independently verified by authorities and experts for accuracy.

Currently, our firm is unable to onboard new cases related to this incident. Similarly, we're unaware of other law firms that are accepting such cases. However, we remain vigilant, monitoring updates from state and federal officials to determine public health risks. If long-term effects are confirmed, we're here wholeheartedly to support negligence claims against Marathon. We're also in touch with mass tort and class action firms, ready to mobilize and assist local residents as we await official updates.

To those affected, we advise you to retain all receipts, especially those related to medical attention or other related expenses. Such documentation might be vital if negligence is established.

Before Proceeding Further: 

  • Kindly refer to the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.
  • We pledge to regularly update this webpage with any new developments or pertinent information.
  • For ongoing updates regarding air quality, rely on verified information for accuracy.
  • Please feel free to contact us with additional questions at 504-272-2037.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the status of air quality post-Marathon fire?

While Marathon Petroleum has reported “non-detectable air quality impacts,” it's paramount to await findings from federal and state agencies before drawing any conclusions.

2. How can I know if I have a valid claim and what might it be worth? 

Compensation is not guaranteed. Proving “Negligence” is essential. See below for more information. If “Negligence” is proven, your claim value hinges on the extent of your injuries, symptoms, damages, whether medical attention was sought, and the overall strength of the evidence. Cases differ due to unique factors.

 In certain situations, individuals may discover that pursuing compensation might not align with best interests. It is important to weigh costs, fees, time, and emotions against the potential likelihood and benefits of compensation. Deciding on a legal claim demands thoughtful consideration of these aspects, tailored to personal circumstances.

3. How can I ascertain “negligence” in this situation?

There are five main elements that must be established to prove negligence and damages: (1) Causation: Did the chemical leak directly contribute to the harm?; (2) Duty: Did the responsible party have a duty to prevent leaks and keep things safe? (3) Breach: Did they fail to properly prevent or manage the leak? (4) Scope of Protection: Was the harm caused by the leak something that should have been foreseeable; (5)  Damages: Did the leak actually result in harm to people or the environment?

4. Are you currently accepting new cases related to the recent incident?

We are currently unable to take new cases. We're closely monitoring updates from federal and state officials to assess public health risks and the potential for a negligence claim against Marathon. Additionally, we're in contact with an extensive network of mass tort and class action law firms that may be able to assist local residents depending on the updates provided by federal and state officials. We will update this webpage with additional information as it becomes available

5. Where can I get reliable information about the air quality post-Marathon fire?

Always rely on verified sources, such as local government websites, reputable news outlets, and official communication platforms of related authorities.

For those seeking further advice or information, we recommend checking this webpage regularly and relying on trustworthy, authoritative sources.

6. Should I speak with a Marathon representative regarding my claim?

Circumstances vary, and the uniqueness of each case plays a significant role. However, it is generally recommended to consider avoiding communicating with a Marathon representative to protect your rights and ensure you don't inadvertently harm your case during conversations with the insurance company.